Used Ross Video Carbonite Back 2ME Production Switcher, 2 Channel Payout with Xpression and Graphics Server


Used Ross Video Carbonite Back 2ME Production Switcher, 2 Channel Payout with Xpression and Graphics Server.

MAKE: Ross Video
MODEL: Carbonite
WARRANTY: yes, one month

In good condition and complete working Ross Video Carbonite Black 2MW production switcher, 2 channel Payout with Xpression and graphics Server.

The price is discussable, if interested send me an email.

Below the total description of this beautiful used Ross Carbonite production switcher:

Ross Video 2ME, 13 Input Graphite system.
Graphite 4RU Integrated Production System Including:

Carbonite Production Switcher:
– 2 ME with 4 Keyers Plus MediaWipe Keyer
– 4 MiniME with 2 Keyers each
– 4 2D DVE
– 2 UltraChrome Chroma Keys
– 2 MultiViewers with up to 16 Windows each
– 4 Channels of MediaStore with Audio (dedicated USB portfor Media)
– 6 Frame Sync and Format Converters
– 13 Inputs (12 SDI and 1 HDMI)
– 8 Outputs (6 SDI and 2 HDMI, 2\ All Fully Configurable) • 256 Custom Controls per Show File
– 100 Event Memory System per ME and MiniME
• Dedicated Network Port for Communication and Control • AMP Device Protocol
– RossTalk Device Protocol
– Yamaha 01V96 and DM1000 Device Protocol
– PBUS Device Protocol
– TSL UMD Tally Protocol
– VISCA Camera Protocol
– CANON BU Series Protocol

XPression Graphite Edition:
Includes the XPression Software and License for: • Includes Creation & Playout Software
– Support for 1 Output Channel
– Unlimited Output Layers
– Support for 1 Virtual Preview Channel
– Support for Multiple Virtual Channels
– Support for Multiple RossLinq Channels
– 3D Text and 3D Primitives, No 3D Model Support

XPression Graphite Clip Players:
– 2 Channel Production Clip Server
– No pre-rolls / back-to-back transitions
– Manual or automation control (AMP, VDCP, P-Bus,RossTalk)
– 1 video input for baseband ingest

Ross Audio Video Engine (RAVE) 29 Channel Stereo Audio Mixer
– 12 Stereo SDI
– 1 Stereo HDMI
– 4 Stereo XPression
– 2 Stereo Carbonite MediaStores
– 1 Stereo PC Audio Input
– 1 Stereo Audio input (Via Embedded Channels)
– 8 Mono Audio inputs (Via Embedded Channels)
– 4 Output Stereo Mixes for Program and 3 Aux Mixes • Outputs include SDI Embedded and PC Audio Output • Assign any Mix to Any Output
– Assign All Mixes to Any Embedded Audio Output
– Assign Monitor Output to Any Output
– Outputs include SDI Embedded and PC Audio Output

OPTIONAL with RAVE Breakout separately in this quote: (GRAPHITE-1RU-AUDBKM)
– 8 Line/Mic Inputs (XLR/TRS) with 48V Phantom Powerand Pre Amp
– 1 AES Input (XLR)
– 5 Analog Outputs (XLR) • 1 AES Output (XLR)
– 24 GPIO (DB-25)
– 16 TALLY (DB-25)
Dashboard software
Dashboard Software comes Free of Charge with the system

Carbonite Black 2S Control Panel 2 M/E
Carbonite Black 2S 2 M/E Panel ONLY!
– 24 Crosspoint buttons
– 2 full ME control rows
– Effect Memory keypads for each ME row •Mnemonics for Crosspoint Source and Keyer Source display
– 4 Custom Control bank select buttons (provides 96 macro buttons)
– Panel Glow – full RGB led buttons
– Ethernet rack frame connectivity
– Redundant power option

RAVE 1RU Audio Breakout Module
Audio Breakout Module for the Ross Audio Video Engine. RAVE is the integrated internal Audio Mixer in Graphite.
This Module adds the following features:
– 8 Analog Line/Mic (XLR/TRS) Inputs with Pre-AMP and
Phantom Power
– 5 Analog Line (XLR) Outputs Fully Configurable from
– 1 AES Input
– 1 AES Output Fully Configurable form DashBoard – 24 GPIO
– 16 Tally