Canon HJ17X7.6 IASE, Used HD Standard TV Lens



Canon HJ17X7.6 IASE, Used HD Standard TV Lens

MAKE: Canon
WARRANTY: yes, Two months

In good and working condition Canon HJ17X7.6 IASE
standard HD lens.
The Standard HDTV lens: affordable with a very wide focal range and particularly well suited for the ENG industry.
We sell these Loon HD Lens with two months warranty.
If interested, ask us for current photos. (we have several used HD 14x lenses in stock)
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– Power Optics – superb imagery with latest optical design
– Internal focus – minimises chromatic aberrations
– Crossover Technology Option – switchable between 16:9 and 4:3
– Enhanced Digital Drive technology
– Ecological, robust ergonomic design

Standard ENG/EFP lens

The HJ17ex7.6B IRSE A/IASE A anwers the pressing demands of broadcast
newsgathering and for low-weight and high-mobility and the exacting
performance requirements for HDTV acquisition. Superb optimization
strategies helped achieve the sought-for performance – having a high
sensitivity, an excellent MTF profile over the entire image plane, minimization
of chromatic aberrations, and maximization of image contrast. The maximum
aperture of f 1.8 makes this lens eminently suited to low-light newsgathering

Uniformity of brightness across the image plane combines with the high
contrast and excellent picture sharpness to produce vividly clear HD pictures.
Contrast was extended by superb control of black reproduction – with optical
and mechanical design innovations that substantially reduced flare, veiling
glare, and any internal reflections. Similar attention to minimization of ghost
images and other highlight-related chromatic distortions caused by strong light
sources on-axis and off-axis further extend the operational contrast range of
the lens.

Used Canon SS-41-IASE set:
– Canon FPD-400, Focus controller incl. CR-10 clamp
– Canon ZSD-400, Zoom controller incl. CR-10 clamp
Price: € 1.250,00

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