Clear-Com KB-702GM, Encore 2-Channel Remote Speaker Station




Clear-Com KB-702GM, Encore 2-Channel Remote Speaker Station

MAKE: Clear-Com

For sale in good condition used Clear-Com KB-702GM encore 2-channel remote speaker
station included the gooseneck microphone.
The unit is tested and ready for sale.
The unit what you see in the pictures is what you’re buying.

The KB-702GM adds a gooseneck-mic connector and VOX circuitry, for
hands-free full-duplex communications without a headset. A switch allows
the user to choose between the optional GM-9 or GM-18 microphone and
the headset connector. The adjustable sensitivity, close-in VOX feature
automatically detects the user’s voice at the mic and dips the level of the
integral speaker while increasing the gain of the microphone, performing
in the opposite manner when listening. The potential for acoustic feedback
is minimized while permitting natural conversation levels and dynamics.

Clear-Com KB-702GM Features:
– Gooseneck microphone connector with VOX circuitry
– Talk/Listen from headset mic, telephone handset or push-to-talk microphone
– Four modes of operation that are internally programmable via dip switches
– Balanced local program input with separate level control
– Visual and audible call signaling
– Optional 4-wire daughter board for flexibility
– Wall or console mountable, or optional V-Box for portable or desktop use
– Built-in speaker

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