Used Quantum Scaler i6000, LTO Tape Library



Used Quantum Scaler i6000, LTO Tape Library

BRAND: Quantum
Model: Scaler i6000

We have for sale a used Quantum Scalar i6000 & Expansion Module.
– 700 slots
– 2 x FC LTO 9 drives

The unit is for sale or for rent, please tell us your project and we
Can make you an offer including installation and instruction.

Possible markets:
– Financial Institutions:
– Healthcare:
– Media and Entertainment:
– Telecommunications:
– Scientific Research and Education:
– Government agencies:
– E-commerce and Retail:
– Energy and Utilities:
– Social Media and Technology:

Information from the Quantum manufactory:
Organizations are generating more data than ever, and most of this
data must be kept for years and decades. Environmental, Sustainability,
and Governance (ESG) goals are becoming important, particularly for enterprises.
And strengthening cybersecurity is a top priority for IT
departments worldwide. Quantum Scalar® Tape Libraries address all
of these needs with a compact, efficient design and unique software
features that make Scalar Tape easy to manage and more secure
than any other tape system.

Scalar Tape Offers Low-Cost, Sustainable, Secure Data Storage
Quantum Scalar Tape Libraries offer efficient, intelligent, and secure
LTO tape storage for data archiving and long-term retention.
Scalar Tape Libraries combine high-density and highly reliable
hardware designs with intelligent software that proactively monitors
each tape system. As a result, administrators spend less time managing
tape. Scalar Tape Libraries are the most secure tape systems
on the market with a host of unique features that protect data stored on tape.

Price on request.