Used Mobile Professional GreenScreen Studio 9×6, meters including DMX lighting. (comming soon)


Used Mobile Professional GreenScreen Studio 9×6, meters including DMX lighting.


This complete professional mobile greenscreen studio including the
DMX controllable lighting is from the year 2021 and has only been
used a few times and is in new condition.
This greenscreen studio can be used as a permanent setup but
also at other locations such as trade exhibitions.
It can be set up with Prolyte X30D rigging, which is 9 meters wide
and 6 meters deep, and with a height of 3.75 meters can
be constructed in a few hours.
Also included is a controllable Truss ceiling bar for lighting the open
side of the green screen space, also DMX-controlled.
The Truss ceiling bar is electrically adjustable in height.
The complete lighting is DMX controllable from 1x 19’ unit,
also the entire power scheme is in this flight case.

Read the full specifications.
Full specifications:
Greenscreen studio set listed parts what you’re buying:
Rigging/Truss Prolyte:
– 1x Prolyte X30D-L071, 0,7m
– 6x Prolyte X30D-L100, 1m
– 2x Prolyte X30D-L050, 0,50m
– 8x Prolyte X30D-L200, 2m
– 9x Prolyte X30D-L250, 2,5m
– 2x Prolyte X30D-C007, Corner 2-Way 90°
– 1x Prolyte C013, Corner 3-Way L.AD
– 1x Prolyte X30D-C018, 3-Way T-Joint Vertical
– 2x Prolyte X30D-C017, 3-Way T-Joint Horizontal
– 1x Prolyte X30D-
– 5x Prolyte Base 30D, baseplate with 3x CCS6-649 and 3x M12x20 IB
– 96x Prolyte CCS6-600, couplers
– 207x Prolyte CCS6-603, Spigots
– 207x Prolyte CCS6-605, Spigot R-Spring CCS4
– 1x Prolyte X30D
Truss ceiling bar, electric:
– 4x Chian shackle 1.0T, black
– 1x Harmony, DC 2-way hand controller
– 2x Prostar Motor Hoist DC, 250kg 400V, 10-4m/min
– 2x Motor Hoist signal cable 10-15m

Mobile Stage: 6×3 meters and 0,20 height, divided in 3 pieces. (montage)
Included carpet tiles, color anthracite.
Decor draping.
– 1x Chromakey green 17,80x4m, flame resistant
– 1x Backdrop Black 24x4m, flame resistant
– 1x Showtec SC-2413, 48 channel Lighting desk.
– 18 Litecraft WashX432 SW, floodlight (Black)
– 4x Showtec COB Par 56, incl. barndoor
– 1x Showtec DB=1-8/RDM, 8 Channel DMX booster 3P
– Including all the power cables, clamps and safety cables
– 1x OS-3205 MKII 32A CEE In-2x 16A CEE Out + 6x Schuko
– 2x Powersplit 1 CEE 16A, 5x Schuko
– 1x Powersplit 1 CEE 32A – 2x 32A
– 6x Schuko-Schuko Extension cable 15m (3×1,5 mm2)
– 1x 32 Amp extension cable, 25 meters (5x4mm2)
– 20 Schuko-Schuko Extension cable 3-5 metersm (3×1,5 mm2)
– 1x Flightcase/Rack, portable.

Price on request.