Mercedes Benz Sprinter 411CDI OB Vehicle, Up To 8 Camera, Ready to Use.




Mercedes Benz Sprinter 411CDI OB Vehicle, Up To 8 Camera, Ready to Use.

In very good condition and technically maintained
Mercedes Benz Sprinter 411 CDI OB vehicle of the year 2002.
This MB Sprinter is ready for immediate use, see equipment list below.

Options with this OB configuration:
– 2x Grass Valley LDK-6000 chains including triax cable
– 2x Grass Valley LDK-4000 chains including triax cable

Information and equipment list:

– Mercedes Sprinter 411CDI
– First registration: 2002
– Mile age: 263.000km
– 2.24t own weight
– Max load: 4.28t
– Left hand drive
– New TUV 2024
– EURO Emission: 3

– Kahuna 2ME vision mixer 40x In / 20x out
– 3D effect, Format Fusion, DVE, Key Boarder,
– 2x AJA FS1
– Lynx Series 5000 converters
– (2x Analog to SDI, 3G quad fibre optic receiver, 2x 3G-HD frame synchroniser,
SDi to CVBS converter, 3G Quad fibre Optik transmitter, 2x Downconverter)
– Blackmail design DFR-8321 open gear
– 1x Marshall V-R44P Monitor
– 2x OSEE RMD-9024 Monitor
– 1x JVC 17“ LCD Monitor
– 1x Astro WM-3004 6″ HD Monitor
– 1x Black magic design Broadcast Videohub video switcher 144×72
– 1x Supermicro PC
– 1x Clearcom Intercom Eclipse Unit
– 2x APC smart UPS system
– 2x Foxtex 6301B audio monitor

– 1x Yamaha O1V96 Audio mixer
– 1x RTW peakmeter
– 1x Black magic dual monitor
– 1x ASU’s PC Monitor
– 1x OSEE RMD-9024 Monitor
– 2x OSEE RMD-9024 Monitor
– 1x Sony SMP-L300
– 1x Yamaha MLA8 MIC preamp
– 1x MOTU 828mkII Audio interface
– 1x Behringer amp
– 1x Nevion Audio switch
– 1x Numark MP-103 disc

– 1x Grass Avlley T2 Turbo HD HDD recorder
– 1x Sony PMW-1000 SxS card recorder
– 1x Audio PC
– 1x APC smart UPS

Sales price: € 96,000.00 ex VAT
– Outside EU: FCA-A
We will support the buyer with the necessary import/export documents,
we have experience with this.

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