Libec P-100 Pedestal with the H70 fluid head, Studio Version.

MAKE: Libec
MODEL: P100 and H70
WARRANTY: yes, 1 month

We have for sale in good and working top condition 3 pieces Libec P-100 pedestal and with a Libec H70 video head.
The pedestal can go up to 30 Kg and the load capacity of the video head is 15 Kg.
These pedestals are from Libec’s older generation pedestals and can be compared
to the current model Libec RSP-750PD-S, also the studio version.
As they look in the photos, so do all 3 of them.
We sell them with a 1-month warranty.

Price is at piece.

Information about the pedestal from the manufacture:

– The Libec P100 is a small size pedestal that offers great flexibility without taking up too much space.
Featuring an advanced air pressure system, the P100 smoothly handles loads up to 30 Kg.,
easily accommodating professional cameras used in a studio. Ideal for CATV, small studios,
event and wedding video, as well as all kinds of industrial and institutional applications.

– Air pump attached to the main body frame allows air to be pumped into a column anywhere and anytime –
even while a camera is mounted on the pedestal. This allows you to check and adjust the air pressure
while using the pedestal, and to avoid the over-filling of air.

– Air pressure can be gradually adjusted by discharging air through a bleed valve. A relief valve
automatically let’s air out when air pressure inside the column exceeds the uniform value.

– A track lock mechanism locks the wheels of the pedestal, so that it only moves in a desired position.

– Large double wheel 5˝ casters allow the P100 to move smoothly and quickly.
Wheels and caster axles are easily fixed by the double stopper system.

– Cable guards prevent the casters from rolling over and becoming tangled in camera
cables when the tripod is moved around in a studio.

– Large steering wheel affords greater ease in handling when shifting columns up and down,
or when moving the pedestal.

– The column and Dolly can be quickly disassembled for convenient transport.
Column weighs 8,2 Kg., the Dolly 7,2 Kg.

– Maximum height is 155 cm, minimum is 78,5 cm. Attach the optional LA-100 Low Angle
Adapter to shoot at low angles. (Height from the ground to mount is only 25 cm.)

Information about the video head from the manufacture:

Libec H Series Video Head Overview
The Libec H70 is a video fluid head which comes equipped with a PH-7 extendable pan
handle, one camera plate, and supports up to 33 lbs (15 kg). To accommodatie varying
lens and camera payloads, a 4-step counterbalance system and sliding camera plate
provide fingertip handling up to the load limit, and 4-step fluid drag makes setup rapid
and repeatable with a quick twist of an ergonomically positioned knob. For ease of setup,
the H70 includes a bubble level and a robust 100mm half-ball mount.
4-step fluid drag for rapid, repeatable setups
4-step counterbalance and sliding camera plate with 50mm of travel for perfect payload balance