Canon HJ22X7.6B IASE, Used HD Long TV Lens



Canon HJ22X7.6B IASE, Used HD Long TV Lens

MAKE: Canon
WARRANTY: yes, Two months

In good and working condition Canon HJ22X7.6B IASE
longest HD lens.
We sell these Loon HD Lens with two months warranty.
If interested, ask us for current photos. (we have several used HD 14x lenses in stock)
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– Power Optics – superb imagery with latest optical design and materials
– Internal focus – minimises chromatic aberrations
– Crossover Technology Option – switchable between 16:9 and 4:3
– Enhanced Digital Drive technology
– Ecological, robust ergonomic design

Long portable ENG/EFP lens
The HJ22ex7.6B IASE is intended for producers and broadcasters
requiring the ability to shoot over long distances combined with wide angle
capture in a lightweight (1.81kg) portable lens system having exceptional
HDTV performance.

This lens mobilizes the best in portable optical design criteria offering focal
lengths up to 168mm (or 336mm with extender) and a wide-angle of 64.6
degrees horizontal (for the 16:9 aspect ratio). Combined with an exceptionally
high sensitivity (F1.8 maximum aperture) this is a lens that can encompass an
unusually broad range of shooting situations.

Used Canon SS-41-IASE set:
– Canon FPD-400, Focus controller incl. CR-10 clamp
– Canon ZSD-400, Zoom controller incl. CR-10 clamp
Price: € 1.250,00

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