Audio Produktions Truck



Audio Produktions Truck
including lounge, separate control- & technical room, roof with railing

– Mercedes Benz 1525
– 20 tonnes (maximum weight allowed), 3 axes (the rear axle is also steering)
– Mileage: 63.000 km !!
– coach builder: Krämer
– 3 seperate rooms, 2 Doors (side)
– separate room for cabledrums (back)
– 2x airconditions, parking heating, floor heating extendable stairs
– Hydraulic transmission mast: 10m
– Acoustics expansion
– incl. Cabinets, Drawers, carpets, etc. Mesh rack, network distribution
– Power connection: 32A Cekon (16/32A)

2x Yamaha DM2000
192 Inputs
192 record tracks
2x Audio-PC incl. RME Madi FX cards (each with 3x MADI I/O) 2x Audio PC Stereo
– Waves L2
– Lexicon PCM91
– TC M3000
– TC D2
– RTW Portamonitor
– NTP Peakmeter
– KVM Switche, Kopfhörer Verstärker – 5x TFT Monitor
– 5x Genelec 1030
– 2x Yamaha HS50
– 2x K+H Minimonitor
– 4 Dr. Kdo 6ch, diskret
– Directout MADI-Split-Converter
– Mutec iclock
– RF AES Distributor 12x
– LEMO patchfield incl. plugs and Patchcables (19“ XLR / BNC / CAT5 / Tab strips patchfield +15dB Line amplifier
– 20 Microphone stands
Schill-Drums (partially motorized): 80m Cekon 32A 6x 10x Multicore 30pol 100m
1x fibre 4x SC 150m
1x Videocable 150m analog 1x 2ch audio canble 150m 1x Cat5 90m