Crown Audio XTi 2000, Stereo Power Amplifier




Crown Audio XTi 2000, Stereo Power Amplifier

MAKE: Crown Audio
MODEL: XTi2000
WARRANTY: One month

We have for sale an Crown Audio XTI2000 stereo amplifier in good condition.

The XTi 2000 from Crown Audio is a lightweight and rugged power amplifier designed for
portable PA applications. It offers highly accurate sound reproduction with very low distortion,
perfect for music or voice playback. It has a switch-mode universal power supply so it can be
used anywhere. It handles a wide range of speaker impedances and outputs for a high degree of
system compatibility.

Weight of the total is around the 10 KG
Shipping cost within Europe € 27,70
Shipping cost for buyers outside Europe: Shipping cost in consultation, please contact us first.
Sales with an official EU sales invoice. If you have a EU VAT number please contact us first.