AV ProVideo has managed a wide range of projects in recent years for international and domestic clients. Below are a few of our special cases. Special due to the size of the project or because we don’t receive a certain question very often.

What can we do for you?

Longstanding relationship with NEP the Netherlands

We purchase the broadcasting equipment from NEP, the largest broadcast service provider in the Netherlands and now Europe.

A broadcasting service company such as NEP, has a huge fleet of equipment. Because of fast moving innovation in the market, they must regularly renew their equipment to meet the growing requirements of their customers.

For the past few years, NEP has regularly asked AV ProVideo to purchase this equipment. That which they can no longer use, they ask to properly dispose of, according to set environmental laws.

This has an advantage for several parties:

– NEP: receives additional revenue and the old equipment is safely disposed of
– AV ProVideo; can resell the used broadcasting equipment worldwide
– New owner: the customer can buy reliable equipment at an attractive price
– Environment: the old, unusable equipment is disassembled, and the metals are separated

Dismantling TV Studio equipment at RTBF.

In the summer of 2018, AV ProVideo managed various projects for the Belgian, French-speaking broadcaster RTBF:

June 2018:

AV ProVideo purchased many used cameras from the ENG Department. These were predominately 2/3″ shoulder and hand-held camcorders.

This is the core business of AV ProVideo. The camcorders are bought by AV ProVideo, then registered, tested, cleaned and, wherever necessary, new parts are ordered. AV ProVideo then sells the camcorders, worldwide with a warranty.

July 2018

The dismantling of an entire news studio; removing the studio lighting, screens, wiring and anything else that was required.

Initially AV ProVideo received the request from RTBF if there was any interest to purchase all the equipment from this studio. This could be partially interesting for resale, but a large portion was not directly the trade of AV ProVideo. This equipment was very specific and therefore it was unclear if buyer could be found.

However, AV ProVideo fully accepted this project. AV ProVideo entered into talks to dismantle the entire studio for a total purchase price

The dismantling of the TV Studio:


  • Consulting with the customer to create a plan of action.
  • Transport, tools and resources.
  • Safety conditions.
  • Recruitment of staff


  • 2 days were scheduled for decommissioning, including a Sunday.
  • All equipment that was re-sellable, was removed without damage.
  • All equipment was dismantled and disposed of properly

August 2018
Empty rooms with a lot of old and used broadcast equipment.

What is carefree?

Clearing and emptying spaces, where many old and used broadcasting equipment was being stored.

What does dismantling entail?

The old broadcast equipment is professional removed by AV ProVideo and if necessary, also disposed of in a responsible manner.

  • Separating the materials such as, metal, non-ferrous metals, wood and/or plastic.
  • The separate disposal of these materials to companies that specialize in recycling and who adhere to applicable environmental laws.

Why purchase used professional broadcast equipment?

The purchase of professional broadcast equipment, especially if the purchase includes multiple (studio) cameras, lenses and/or other professional equipment, requires a hefty investment. This is how a market for used broadcast equipment started. The biggest reason for a broadcasting or videographer to purchase used broadcast equipment, is the lower purchase price.

For the new users it is however, important to know what the technical condition and understand the value of the used broadcast equipment.

To identify prices, for example of the second-hand cars industry, there are all sorts of resources in circulation that can give a good indication of the value of a used car. Internet also offers various data references.

For purchasing used broadcast equipment is a little different. There are no real data sources available. The market price is almost entirely determined by the negotiating skills of two parties; the buyer and the seller.

What else should you aware of?
Things you should think about when purchasing used broadcast equipment

  • Where can I buy? Can I trust the merchant?
    Read here the eBay reviews from AV Provideo
  • Check with the manufacturer or original supplier to the actual condition of the equipment (serial number check)
  • Let the used equipment checked by an authorized dealer or broadcast repair company
  • Make good arrangements with the seller about where any “surprises” can be claimed

There are also some dangers associated with the use of used equipment.

  • What about the warranty of the used broadcast equipment?
  • How did the previous owner treat the equipment (cleaning, transport etc.)?
  • Has all maintenance taken place in a timely manner and by a certified company?
  • You often can not see on the outside what the devices technical condition is

Examined = certainty!
Especially when purchasing more expensive used broadcast equipment, I recommend getting thoroughly examined by an authorized company, preferably before purchasing. If for some reason this is not possible, then get it examined straight after the purchase. Thus, giving yourself a better understanding of the condition and remaining lifetime of the equipment and in addition, make the necessary repairs to avoid unnecessary annoyance, missed turnover and additional technical costs later down the line. The additional cost of an inspection is quickly earned back.

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